Brand Guidelines and Assets


The Fourth Industrial Revolution will radically shift the way people live and work and how businesses operate. In the future, marketplaces, will need to provide more value to their users than they typically do today. Organizations and marketplaces especially will also need to use their assets and capabilities differently, transforming their core businesses and developing new revenue opportunities. Users of marketplace will expect more ownership and value from sharing their services and using those services with a view to the greater good in the world.


We are Manta Ray. We believe that the way that EV charging Networks work today is inadequate and will grow to cope with the regulatory targets set by governments and driven by climate change crisis. We believe that by enabling access to private home charging points in a autonomous community with incentives we can enable the global Electric Vehicles to grow at the rate demanded by the public and regulation. Provide a community-driven and owned organization enabled by Web3 technology will provide a neutral marketplace for the fragmented public, workplace and fleet networks giving a ubiquitous experience for EV Driver everywhere.


Brand Promise

We’re creating the future of EV Charging networks created for the whole motoring community driven by the whole community.

Positioning Statement

Provide access to private EV charging points globally through a autonomous user owned community through a easy to use marketplace app and platform. Unlike other airbnb style charging apps Manta Ray is a new model that can reduce fees and redistributes value back to hosts and drivers of the autonomous charging network.

Tagline Manta Ray.

Autonomous User-owned EV Charging for Everyone


Our mission is to create autonomous user-owned community marketplace that connects EV Drivers with EV Charging Point Hosts


Everyone is an owner
The collective “we” - drivers, hosts, and the Manta Ray team - all act like owners because we are all owners. We are all responsible for the success of the network and ensuring great experiences for our users. We’re entrepreneurial, not entitled. We believe in the value of hard work and we’ll do whatever it takes to ensure the success of the network.
Move fast, with precision
We move quickly to deliver value to our users but not at the expense of quality. We approach each project with thoughtful planning and ultimate precision. The details matter because we’re dealing with our user's money and livelihood.
Ultimate transparency
We communicate with our team and users in an open and honest way especially when it’s difficult. We take responsibility for our mistakes and move quickly to fix them.
Raise the bar
We’re committed to continually delivering better experiences to all of our users. We’re committed to excellence and we surround ourselves with people who share in that commitment. We elevate one another by performing at the highest level every day, taking on new challenges, and being dedicated to learning from one another and the world around us.
Work with integrity
Our users and teammates count on us to deliver. We follow through on our commitments. People trust us because we deliver on what we promise we will do.
Be a global citizen
We believe that we have a responsibility to talent, to organizations, and to the world. We’re grateful for this opportunity and look for ways to use our resources and skills to help our fellow global citizens. We’re inclusive and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

Logo - Symbol

The Manta Ray Symbol is one of two primary identifiers for the brand. It must always be displayed predominately and legibly in every application — digital or print. Harnessing its strong simplicity, Manta Ray’s abstracted Symbol will allow consumers to apply their own meaning, creating lasting relationships specific to their journeys.

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