Off-Chain Voting Guidelines

On-Chain vs Off-Chain

The MREV smart contract is relatively simple including only a few parameters that can be altered with an On-Chain vote performed on our platform (not on Snapshot):

  1. Admin permissions: Adding or removing permissions for specific users.

  2. Marketplace fee: Changing the marketplace or platform fee that Manta Ray charges hosts for providing usage and parking for Drivers.

  3. Nexus Program category: Rules and connection to Public, fleet or workplace EV Networks to Manta Ray

Proposals outside of those areas are accomplished with an off-chain vote. The network expects a majority of votes to be handled off-chain.

Rules for a Valid Off-Chain Vote

  1. Announcement

    1. Votes must be announced in #governance-voting channel at least two business days prior to posting on Snapshot to allow for withdrawals from platform and wallet connection in Snapshot

  2. Discussion

    1. Vote proposals can be discussed in Discord prior to the above vote announcement, though it may not be required for certain “Low impact” votes (defined below)

    2. If during the discussion period the community identifies deficiencies in the planned vote (such as lack of clarity, cost/benefit analysis, or clear implementation plan, etc.) the vote should be postponed to allow further discussion

    3. Proposals requiring more in-depth discussion will be given their own Discord channel where proposal information can be pinned and collaboratively updated

  3. Posting / Duration

    1. Recommendation (this is not a rule): Thursday is a great day to start a vote for a proposal, noting the duration in the next point.

    2. Voting window duration should be a minimum of seven days (proposals should be open to vote on Snapshot for at least that many days)

  4. Thresholds

    1. "Low impact" votes may be straight quorum (most votes wins)

      1. Low impact definition: the outcome will not have a material impact on the Manta Ray Network. These votes could include:

        1. Forming exploratory committees to research new product areas

        2. Electing Jury Arbitrators

      2. The community can help determine if a vote is high or low impact during discussion in Discord

    2. "High impact" votes must state in the proposal the threshold of votes required to pass, which is generally 100,000 MREV. Meaning the proposal must have at least a total of 100,000 MREV voted to pass.

      1. A vote with 65,000 For and 40,000 Against would pass.

      2. A vote with 45,000 For and 20,000 Against would fail as it did not meet the 100,000 threshold.

      3. High impact definition: the outcome could alter the Manta Ray Network in a medium to drastic way. These votes could include:

        1. Entering or exiting lines of business and/or client relationships

        2. Adding/removing Nodes

        3. Changing the economics of the network

  5. Re-votes

    1. Failing votes may not be re-posted without modification in under <fifteen> days

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