Manta Ray Token Economics

What is Manta Ray?

Manta Ray is a decentralised EV Network that enables Home EV Charging points to be shared with EV Drivers by providing a liquid, algorithmically controlled marketplace, governed by network participants.

The network runs on Ethereum blockchain with a native token called MREV, which users earn by introducing and onboarding hosts and drivers to the network. In addition, hosts use MREV to enhance their listings and Drivers use MREV to enhance their proposals.

Manta Ray through the Nexus Program will partner with regional public, fleet and workplace EV Networks through the exchange of MREV tokens to pass commission and usage transactions.

Token Overview

The MREV token launched on the BNB Smartchain on 19,Sept 2022 using the BEP-20 standard. The token powers the entire decentralized network governance, incentivizing the community to build the network through referring EV Charging point hosts and EV driver, as well as verifying through Manta Ray's KYC process for secure and validated addresses and people. A supply of 250 million tokens has been created. And Manta Ray will have deflationary aspect reflecting 1% of each transactions and burning 1% of each transaction.

Use Cases

GoveranceBid stakingUser Benefits

MREV token holders can discuss ideas for improvements, propose

changes, and vote on some governance proposals. Each token represents one vote.

Talent and Charging Point Hosts can stake tokens to stand out. Token bid staking helps “un-stick,” or reduce

friction, in the network, keeping it more transparent.

Users can also earn tokens by contributing to Manta Ray Network. In the future, tokens will be redeemable for special perks

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