Governance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Governance

Do I need any ETH to be able to participate in governance?

Delegating the MREV tokens in your crypto wallet (e.g. Metamask) to the on-chain voting portal to vote on on-chain proposals is a blockchain transaction that requires a small amount of ETH (~0.001 ETH) for transaction fees (i.e. gas cost). You will need to have that ETH amount in your Metamask wallet in order to do so.

Is there a minimum number of MREV tokens needed for governance?

No. Anyone with at least 1 MREV in their connected wallet can participate. However, only for on-chain creation of proposals, there is a 500 MREV token minimum to ensure that only active/involved community members can propose.

Do I lose or "spend" MREV tokens when I vote on a proposal?

No. Voting only takes into consideration the MREV tokens in your wallet to calculate your voting power when you vote for proposals. However no transfer of tokens occurs when you vote. So your tokens always stay in your wallet.

How is my voting power calculated?

Your voting power is equal to the number of MREV tokens you have in your connected wallet. The more MREV you have, the higher your voting power on proposal voting.

Can I vote on several proposals at the same time?

Yes. Since voting does not ‘cost’ any tokens but only uses your MREV tokens to calculate your voting power, you are able to vote on several active proposals at the same time with the same voting power that is in your connected wallet.

Can I delegate my votes to someone else?

You can delegate or give your MREV tokens to another wallet address (one at a time) including your own wallet address (if you have several addresses with MREV tokens). Delegation does not lock tokens; it simply adds votes to the chosen delegation address to add more weight in votes.

Why can I not vote?

If you are seeing a 0 MREV voting power on Snapshot, you may not have gotten your tokens into your wallet before the proposal was posted.

What ideas can I propose to change in Manta Ray governance?

Governance at Manta Ray will evolve over time. As a start, you’ll be able to voice your ideas and vote on the below areas for on-chain voting.

Off-Chain Voting Guidelines

Learn about the rules for ensuring an off-chain proposal is valid.

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